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Why the world needs us to be vulnerable

Why the world needs us to be vulnerable

I always wanted to start a blog. I thought I have an interesting life and people will want to read about it (I know mostly not true but just let me have this).

Well it turns out blogging is harder than it looks. For starters, I thought you had to be a professional writer to get writers block. Turns out that’s not true. Sometimes I sit there night after night hoping the words will come but they don’t. And I know exactly why

I don’t want to be vulnerable.

I’m scared to tell my stories because how will my friends react? How much information is too much? Maybe people don’t want to know the real me.
Here’s the problem with that. We live in a culture where we can post anything we want on the internet. That means we can share the very best of our life and pretend the hard times don’t exist.
How many posts are just putting on a happy front?
Maybe it’s that woman who posts the flowers her husband surprised her with. What she doesn’t tell you is that they fought all night and these were apology flowers.
Or the mom who posts a picture snuggling with her children, but no one knows that she cries every night in bed thinking about the way she has failed them that day.
How about the college student who is tagged in every fraternity photo but wakes up every morning wishing he could die.

The internet isn’t real. We get to pick and choose what we share of our life.

Well I’m done. Guess what you guys? Marriage is hard and my husband and I fight sometimes. My daughter is the best thing that has ever happened to me but parenting is not for the faint of heart.
And most importantly, every single one of us knows someone whose life has been affected by suicide. What if social media was a safe place to reach out? “I had no idea they were struggling” is a common response to a suicide. Sometimes we may not know because all we see are smiling pictures and happy statuses.
-I am in no way connecting suicide and social media. What I am saying is that we should want to use our internet presence to make change.
Not everyone is going to reach out for help on social media but we need people to.
I may never post about how hard some days are with Quinn but then I see a friend post about postpartum depression and I don’t feel so alone.
I see people that I grew up with speaking out about their struggle with depression and suicidal thoughts and they will never even know the lives they may have touched just by being vulnerable.
Being vulnerable  is hard. It makes people uncomfortable.
But it also brings people together. It bridges the gap. It makes people feel like they aren’t alone in this world.
And right now I truly believe we need each other more than ever.

We don’t have to walk this path alone.

Wife and mother just trying to fill her home with good memories.

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