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How to Plan a Rustic Farmhouse Bridal Shower

How to Plan a Rustic Farmhouse Bridal Shower

I am the Maid of Honor in my best friend’s wedding and I get the honor (no pun intended) of planning her bridal shower. Here’s the thing though: Life gets in the way. I got a migraine about 6 weeks before the shower. I still managed to make really cute invitations and get them out. After two emergency room visits and a knee surgery I still had not done one minute of planning. This is when Pinterest became my best friend.

So I broke it down into a few categories: food, decorations, and games.


It is an afternoon bridal shower in the dead of summer so I was focusing on light snacks. My best friend made one request though: a Chick-fil-A chicken nugget platter. (I know that sounds weird but if you knew her you would totally get it). So that handled a little heavier food item so I figured I would just build the menu around that. The theme is Farmhouse so it is pretty casual, I’m not going to do tea sandwiches or sugar cookies.

So here is what I have so far:

  1. Deviled Eggs- You literally cannot go wrong with this
  2. Fruit Something- I am obsessing over some of the creative ways to plate fruit on Pinterest
  3. Crackers and Cheese Ball- My momma has the best cheese ball recipe

I am having a friend make a cute little two-tiered cake and will probably bring one more easy to grab dessert-brownies, rice krispy treats, etc..

As for drinks we are making punch and will probably have sweet tea (Southern staple). I am bringing cute little 8 oz mason jars to drink out of.

My suggestion is make food for your audience. Unfortunately I only know one person on the guest list besides the bride (I live out of town). What I chose were inexpensive, casual food items that tend to be universally liked. I may add some more simple things (veggie tray, chex mix) but that is my core menu.


The first thing to do is pick a theme! Katie is doing a farmhouse wedding and we all get to wear boots with our dresses (yes, we live in the South). So we decided that we would just stick with that theme for the bridal shower as well.

This makes it super easy for me because of the whole Joanna Gaines obsession. There are hundreds of ideas out there for a farmhouse theme bridal shower. My focus is burlap, burlap, burlap.

Here is a snippet of my packing list for the decorations:

  1. Burlap- I have a wide roll used for a table runner and some narrow rolls to wrap around vases
  2. Vases- As I said above these will be wrapped with a burlap bow
  3. Flowers- I chose Baby’s Breath because it is inexpensive and will look perfect with our theme
  4. Candles- I’m not sure what I am going to do with them yet, but they are packed
  5. Banner- You can’t go wrong with a burlap banner that says Miss to Mrs
  6. Chalkboard- I am planning to use a large chalkboard on the porch to welcome guests and my smaller one on a table with directions
  7. Wooden Crates- There are adorable ideas on Pinterest for stacking food on wooden crates
  8. Metal basket- Guests will address an envelope to themselves for thank you notes
  9. A Mason Jar- This is for people to write down a date night idea for the bride and groom
  10. Clothesline and Clothespins- I am hanging pictures of the bride and groom
  11. ┬áSomething for the Bride!- I can’t decide between a sash and crown

Since I live 2 hours away from the bride I will have to wing the decorations when I get there because I don’t know the layout. I have a good idea of what I want though so it shouldn’t be to hard to implement.


I did not want to play a lot of games. Most of the people on the list have not met anybody else. There is a wide age range as well. The bride and I decided to do one game where the groom has to answer questions about the bride prior to the party (don’t worry he won’t be there). During the party the bride tries to guess what he said about her. We thought that would be best since everyone knows Katie and Chris.


Also don’t forget a notebook to write down the gifts that are given for thank you notes!

I will make another blog post with pictures of how it all turned out!

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