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Makeover Your Grocery Budget with Crock Pot Chicken

Makeover Your Grocery Budget with Crock Pot Chicken

This month I’m all about budgeting. After a few unexpected medical bills we really needed to adjust our spending. We wrote out all of our expenses to see where we could make adjustments.

I am a tracker. I have kept a paper and pen trail of every single thing we have spent money on in the past 12 months. After evaluating our spending we concluded that most of our expenses are non negotiable (rent, car payment, electricity). One of the only places that had a little flexibility was our food budget.

Food was the easiest place to consider changes.We keep track of eating out vs groceries but for the sake of our budget at the end of the pay period it all goes into a food category.
This entire year I have been feeding my family of 3 on $400 a month and that includes household supplies. So this month I am challenging myself to not go over $250.
I know that seems ambitious but I like to shoot for the stars.
 Little tip: Grocery pick up orders are the best invention. Besides the convenience, this allows me to see exactly how much I’m spending before I check out. This allows me to adjust my cart if I am over budget.
One of the first ways I cut the spending down was by getting these whole chickens. I normally buy boneless skinless chicken because I’m lazy and I like white meat but my doctor told me I should start drinking bone broth and you make bone broth with a whole chicken. It turns out if you buy a whole chicken it’s actually cheaper (who would have thought).

Crock pot bone broth:

So I got my crock pot out and layered cut up onions on the bottom. Then I rubbed a mixture of seasoning on the whole chicken.
This is the recipe my momma sent me but I didn’t have any paprika, thyme or cayenne pepper so I just substituted chili powder and italian seasoning.
So I just happened to throw this in the crock pot one sunday when we were having guests over last minute. They were bringing sides and I told them was that we were having chicken.
They brought over guacamole and pico de gallo with tortilla chips. It went absolutely perfectly with the chicken. I ended up making nachos with it, whereas my daughter just ate three platefuls of guacamole.
After dinner I put all the bones back in the crock pot (I had left all of the onions, spices and liquids from cooking the chicken in it) and filled it the rest of the way with water. The recipe my doctor gave me suggested putting fresh bay leaves on top but I didn’t have any so I just added a bunch of basil (because that’s kind of the same thing, right?).

So what do I do with a leftover crock pot full of broth?

The next day for dinner I scooped some broth into a pan and boiled whole wheat pasta in it. Quinn and I ate that like soup with ritz crackers. Over the next few days I tried to sip on bone broth and add it to some meals and then I froze the rest.
I’m actually defrosting some today to make this recipe and substitute the beef broth with chicken broth:
After you check out that recipe, be sure to wander around her blog for more amazing recipes!
I’ll keep you updated on more recipes on a budget but now I have to go drink some bone broth. Yum.
Wife and mother just trying to fill her home with good memories.

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