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DIY Winter Wreath

DIY Winter Wreath
I am not a creative person. At all. You know when your a kid and you’re doing a craft. I was the person who copied the teacher’s example exactly. I second guessed every “creative” thing I needed to do. If I made an invitation, I needed 3 people to confirm my color choice.

But guess what??? When you are doing DIY projects, that’s exactly what it is, DO IT YOURSELF. That means if it doesn’t turn out just like what you saw on Pinterest, it’s still yours, and you can still be proud of it.
So this year I needed a Christmas wreath (Confession: I still had my spring wreath up in October). I wasn’t about to spend $50 dollars on a wreath on etsy (sorry small business owners! If I had the money I would!)
I went to Michael’s one night to buy a fake pumpkin for my 2 year old to paint. It turns out that come November all the pumpkins are sold out and Christmas decorations are already on sale!
So I bought a plain green wreath for $6. Everything christmassy was 60% off. So I bought burlap ribbon and three little things to decorate the wreath with. I left michaels having spent $15 for everything to make a wreath.

PS : DIY is so much easier when you have Starbucks

Also, everything is better with a 2 year old to cheer you on.

When I got home the first thing I knew I wanted was to wrap the wreath with burlap ribbon and add a bow. The bow was by far the most time consuming thing. I spent a long time on Pinterest trying to find a DIY bow that wasn’t too complicated. After that I literally just stuck the random items on the wreath.


It may look homemade but I’m proud of it and it gave me confidence to take ownership of my DIY projects.

It’s not perfect but it was a fun family activity and I officially accomplished a DIY project. Alright Pinterest, what’s next?
And since it isn’t specifically Christmas related I can leave it up all winter             ❄
Wife and mother just trying to fill her home with good memories.

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